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Natural stones retain a timeless beauty Scalea® is a new way of understanding and working with materials. It is a commitment to innovation and creativity, to the most advanced designs and for the improvement of features.


  • Marbles

    We present Scalea® Collection some marbles ranging from intense colors to lighter shades, all flooded with veins that are distributed winding mind the stone creating surprising combinations of colors.

  • Granites

    e-Deco Marble has selected a collection of granites under rigorous criteria of quality and beauty, highlighting the variety of colors and textures. Responding to new trends in design and interior design.

  • Slates

    e-Deco Marble has selected a range of slates with natural finish that support multiple combinations in environments from raw to minimalists with simple formats to large pieces.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item